Industrial Unit for Production of Jam and Syrup

Project Details:

One of our most interesting projects started as a commission to design a production facility in Saschiz, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The challenge was to fine an equilibrium between the historical background and the function of the building.

Our site contained a traditional house, a traditional summer kitchen, built in the 19th century and a storage facility of more recent origin. After the careful study of the topography and the building tradition of the village we decided to approach the new extension in the same aesthetic language as the traditional local barns. Our goal was to have a clearly modern structure that is easily identifiable as a contemporary building but at the same time blend seamlessly into the site.     

The client who is a British citizen had high demands regarding the interior standards, given that his main clients who are UK based demanded compliance to UK health and safety standards. Suffice it to say we aced it during the ulterior checks by the British inspectors. 

Project Details