Upgrading Schoolyard @Pavel Dan School – Tritenii de Jos

Recently we had a wonderful time upgrading the schoolyard of the Pavel Dan school in Tritenii de Jos, a project coordinated by the Noi Orizonturi Foundation .

Inspired by a recent brainstorming of the schoolkids, we decided in collaboration with the Noi Orizonturi Foundation to start fulfilling their wishes step-by-step by helping them build their dream schoolyard. The project has been conceived from the ground up to be DIY. Everything has been designed to be implemented by the community in a common efort from the teachers, parents and students.

We had wonderful friends along for the ride: the student and teachers from the ”Pavel Dan” school in Tritenii de Jos, Cluj county, the IMPACT After School Special Club from “Mihai Eminescu” school in Cluj-Napoca. Also helping us was a team from Compexit Skoda Cluj and Bistrita. 

Looking forward to a new project, helping a  new school. You are welcome to join us!

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